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49 East Magnolia St • Pinedale, WY, 82941 • (307) 367-4579

A National Registered
Historic Place since 1929

Our History

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Your Pinedale lodging is a National Registered Historic Place; the "cabin camp" was built in 1929 and is recognized as the longest continuously operated lodging property in Pinedale, Wyoming.

The lodging was originally built and owned by Walter Scott, who also owned the Pinedale Cash Store and the Scott Stage Company. He built the lodging with the help of craftsmen who needed to pay off their debts at his store. Mr. Scott built 8 cabins in a U shape, with a bathhouse in the center. 

This Historic Motel in Pinedale, WY has served many purposes. In earlier times due to the harsh winters, it was nearly impossible for the local doctor to travel to ranches for months at a time, so local women would stay in Pinedale at the Log Cabin Motel until their babies were born. Most guests who made this their lodging did their own cleaning. Some who could not pay their bill would do minor repairs and painting in return for lodging. In the late 1930's, the cabins were remodeled and indoor plumbing was added.

Since then, the motel has had numerous owners, and actually changed hands in a poker game. A train robber (who is now in the Cowboy Hall of Fame) also spent the night here. Today, The Log Cabin Motel is on the National Historic Registry, and all cabins are maintained to retain their historic charm. We welcome your stay during your travels to Wind River Range and Greater Yellowstone.